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Greetings again,

As we crest through the middle of the season, we have a few bits and bobs coming up.

The September Airfield Riding Day (21st September) approaches. The last one was very successful, so the next one should be too. A few ‘parish notices’ then:

1. Spectators. We’ve had a bit of a nightmare trying to sort out a list of spectators for the ARDs. The Club has to have a list of all people entering the Station. If we don’t, we risk not being allowed to run any more events. To that end, there is a thread on the forum for you to add names of anybody who will not figure on either the Rider or Marshaller lists, which will be collated into a Spectator list. Anybody who turns up on the day, but is not on one of those 3 lists will be refused entry. It will not be enough to accompany someone who is on a list.

2. Rider Briefings. There will be 2 rider briefings; the first one (0820) will be for the Experienced and Intermediate groups; the second one (0845) will be for the Novices. If you are in the Novice group, please wait for your bespoke group briefing.

3. Breakdowns. Firstly, we had a number of ‘individuals’ (and I’m being polite by referring to them as ‘individuals’) at the July ARD who somehow managed to run out of fuel on the circuit. The knock-on effect was to waste time recovering them back to the paddock and thereby reduce the time available for the rest to ride. After much discussion, the Committee has failed to understand any reason whatsoever why someone might run out of fuel on the circuit, (especially during the first session of the day…). To that end, the Committee are considering a levy against those appearing to try for a fast lap by running the bike as light as possible…and cocking it up! You might find that you are either invited to donate a small fee to charity, or you might find that the Recovery Team is not in a hurry to rescue you. Secondly, if you wish to ride on the circuit, we insist that you ensure your bike is in a fit state to participate. The event is not a chance to test something that’s liable to breakdown several times during the day. Again, this is likely to require yellow flags and the Recovery Team, with the knock-on effect on others’ riding time.

4. Tyres. Regulars at the ARDs will recognize Stef (and Clare) from Tyres4Bikes providing tyre and suspension support. Tragically, Stef suffered a stroke at the end of last month. However, Stef is making rapid progress back to full health and intends to be at the September ARD. Therefore, if you want tyres pre-ordered, let him know On your behalf, the Committee wishes Stef all the best and hope for a speedy recovery.

5. Marshals. As always, we need marshals for the ARD. Minimum age 18, full training is given. You’ll get a free lunch and a small cash sum as appreciation from the Club. If you are available, please post on the relevant forum thread. Thanks in advance!

6. Places. As yet the event is not full; there are still places available in the Experienced and Novice groups.

7. Set up. Setting the event up always takes time. However, many hands make light work. If you can spare an hour on the evening before the ARD to help set up, we’d be very grateful. If you can, please turn up to the main gate at RAF Odiham at 1700 hrs on the 20th September. Thanks!

Other stuff…

Looking further ahead, next month also sees the (monthly) Offroad events kicking off again, alternating between Slab Common and Bagshot. It’s great fun and if you’ve never done it before, definitely worth a try. Lots of options, including bike hire and instruction if needed.

The annual Mopedathon is on the 19th October. Again, great fun and all of the proceeds go to charity. All you need is a ‘road-worthy (of sorts..)’ moped, a team of 4-ish and sense of humour! Full details are on the site.

Club Competition. Last, but by no means least, the Club Competition. If you fancy winning the chance to have free entry to all of next year’s OMCC events (including Annual OMCC Membership, all of the ARDs, Cadwell Park and 1 Offroad event plus others…) all you have to do is photo a club sticker in the most impressive location. So far, there’s only 1 entry ….. Full details on the forum!


All for now!

Home of the Chinook
Odiham Motorcycle Club
Home of the Chinook
Odiham Motorcycle Club

Next Club Meeting: Wednesday 1st October 2014 2000hrs

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