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First of all, an important notice:  The November club meeting (scheduled for Wed 5th November) has had to be moved to Wed 12th November.  If you come along on the 5th, you see a few fireworks, but not a lot else….  Mentioning the November meeting, its due to be the Club Annual General Meeting, where we need to vote on the Committee, etc, so please support (8 pm start…).


Next, The Offroad is going well, and Bagshot is well established.  The November event will be at Bordon, followed by the December at Bagshot….and as the weather is now favouring the non-road stuff, don’t miss the opportunity to get some mud in your hard-to-reach places!….see the forum…

 Recent events have gone well.  Congratulations to Dom, Peter and Ian for an excellent performance on the Dawn-to-Dusk Offroad event; they made it through the 24 hours…. And might even be planning to do it again next year…albeit looking for extra teams…

 Congratulations to Dave Lucas and Paul Davies for their performance in the No Limits endurance race at Rockingham; first in class.  Top Job!

 Finally, the Club Competition has been woefully supported!  The prize includes….


Free 2015 membership

            Free entry to all Odiham ARDs

            Free entry to the club 2-day UK track day.

            Free offroad events (Includes 1x free 'novice' off road experience if you don't have a bike)

            Free entry to the NEC trip.

            Other stuff as well…

            Jealous looks from everyone else!


All you have to do is submit a photo of the OMCC sticker in the most impressive place possible….time is running out, so don’t delay!


All for now!  Off to stick some stickers…….Cheers!

Home of the Chinook
Odiham Motorcycle Club
Home of the Chinook
Odiham Motorcycle Club

Next Club Meeting: Wednesday 3rd December 2014 2000hrs

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