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I’d like to start this periodic by thanking those who participated in our very successful recent event at Rockingham, especially R&G, Stef & Co (Tyres for Bikes) and the Girls from Fresh Orange. After some slightly unconventional riding on day 1, normal OMCC behavior resumed for day 2, and overall was assessed as a very successful event.


So, without wasting any time, looking ahead, the July Airfield Riding Day is upon us (13th). For those taking part, the main (ONLY) message is:

Please check the Ts&Cs & Key ARD Info on the OMCC Website as it has essential information that you need to know, which without, is liable to make yours and the Event staff’s day more difficult.

There are still a few spaces left for the event, so don’t miss out; the long-range weather forecast looks favourable so all bodes well for another top event! Just one ‘mild’ reminder: please bring the riding behaviour that we saw on day 2 of Rockingham. This is not just a hollow message; if the kind of things happen that did on day 1 of Rockingham, the future of all Odiham Airfield Riding Days will be in serious doubt; Just ask Benson!

We also have a few spaces left for marshals. Marshals are key to the event as without, the event doesn’t happen. For those riding, remember that as you pass each marshal post; these heroes have surrendered their time to enable you to enjoy yourself. If you yourself, or you know someone who would be able to join the marshaling crew for the day, please post on the forum and I’ll see you there.

If you’ve enjoyed the track days and been lucky enough to take part in the NBC, I’ve heard that it’s gone very well! There are still some NBC events left, but remember that if you want to ride in the NBC, you must have been assessed by one of the OMCC Instructors.

Looking further ahead, the Webmaster has opened the Offroad events for the rest of the year. The Offroad, albeit still evolving from its infancy, has become a great event and the rest of the year’s events (4 of them), starting in September will be hugely successful. So as the weather turns, consider getting some mud and sand in your bits!

Looking even further ahead, we’ve got the Mopedathon in October. For those who have never taken part, you just wouldn’t believe how much fun you could have on a moped with a maximum speed of ‘30’ mph! Just get a team together, a bike that at some point has been on the road, and enter! Check the forum for more details.

Finally, for those looking for some non-participation events, the BSB is shaping up to be a great season. The corporate arrangement between Vines BMW and OMCC for BSB events has been very fruitful for us this year. There are still opportunities to take part in and benefit from, so just check the forum.


All for now; see you at the ARD!



Home of the Chinook
Odiham Motorcycle Club
Home of the Chinook
Odiham Motorcycle Club

Next Club Meeting: Wednesday 6th August 2014 2000hrs

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