The format for the day follows along the lines of a regular commercial track day.

  • Arrival at RAF Odiham: 07:15hrs (at main gate) - PLEASE do not arrive any earlier!!

  • Signing on: Bring your drivers license showing a valid, full Category A motorcycle entitlement.

    - an ACU license does not count!

  • Scrutineering: Get your bike noise tested and chekced over. You will not be allowed on track without a sticker.

  • Mandatory riders safety briefing: (08:15hrs Fast & Inters, 08:40hrs Novice group).

  • First group on circuit: 09:00hrs

  • Lunch: 1 hour, timing depending on factors on the day

  • Close: 17:00hrs

Getting Here

There is a map and directions to RAF Odiham posted here.

Once you turn into the station please heaed straight down to the main gate. Entry is between 07:15 - 08:15. Please do not arrive any earlier as it will impede base personnel access to the base.

If you arrive outside of these times you will have to wait for a member of the committee to be free to come and collect you, which may be some time as you will not be a priority.

We will collect people from the main gate at 0900hrs and 1000hrs only.

Please ride carefully and considerately through the surrounding villages when arriving and departing from the ARD, or when getting fuel. The event is publicised locally and expect the police to be in attendance close by.

Access to the Station

RAF Odiham is an active RAF Station. You MUST present some form of photo ID as you enter through the Main Gate. You and any passengers will be checked against the OMCC list. If you or your guest(s) do not have photo ID you will be refused access. No refund will be given if you are unable to attend due to this.

Do not bring along last-minute guests. You and/or your guest will be refused entry.

Also be aware that the armed guards at the gate may search your vehicle.

Mandatory Riders Briefing

The mandatory riders briefing will commence promptly at 0815hrs for the Fast and Inters group and at 0840hrs for the Novices.

Please ensure you are ontime.

It is preferable to leave your wheel change, 4th nervous wee or 3rd cup of tea until after the briefing. If you are late, you will miss your first session and will not be able to ride until you have been briefed.

Once the brief is complete you will be given a briefing attendance wristband to confirm you have been briefed. This wristband will be checked before every session.

If you are late to the briefing, do NOT complain. It is your own fault. It will only delay your personal briefing even further.

Signing On - Do this FIRST on arrival!!

You will need to complete an Indemnity Form on the day which can be found at the black OMCC tent. Fill it out and present it at the relevant desk for your group placing.

Remember that you will need to legally prove you can actually ride a motorcycle, so please bring both parts of your valid drivers license.

An ACU license will not be accepted.

If you cannot produce your driving liscence on the day you will be removed from the event and no refund will be issued. We have no method of contacting the DVLA to check.

Noise testing

You will need to have your bike noise tested. We use the same limits as the ACU, specifically 105dB static.

If your bike is tested with a baffle fitted, do not attempt to remove it later in the day. We will know and you will be removed from the event.

Your bike will receive a sticker to confirm it has passed. These stickers are checked during line up and you will not be allowed out on the circuit if you do not have one of these stickers.

If you bring more than one bike to ride at the ARD, each bike will require noise testing and a sticker. If you are found to have swapped stickers between bikes you will be removed from the event and no refund will be given.

Rider Groups

We divide the riders into 3 groups - Novice, Intermediate, Experienced. 20 minutes per session.

  • NOVICE: - For those who have only done a couple, or never done, a track day before.
  • INTERMEDIATE: - For those who have done a number of track days but do not feel confident enough for the experienced group.
  • EXPERIENCED: - For those who have done a number of track days before and feel confident in their riding abilities.

You will no longer be permitted to choose which group you are in, this will be decided prior to the event based on your profile preference and will ultimately be decided by OMCC's Cheif Instructor.

We may suggest that you change groups based on your abilities on circuit during the event, as judged by our team of instructors. You may also request a change of group during the day though not every request may be able to be accomodated as we have strict group numbers. We will always do our best to ensure similar ability riders are in the same group.


There is usually a food van serving tea & coffee, burgers, hotdogs ect. throughout the day. Just please be aware that Marshalls will take priority during lunch as are they are the ones giving up their day standing out trackside looking out for you lot so please, give up your spot for them when they come in for lunch. They have to be back out on track before the next session can begin so if you delay them, you are only delaying yourself and everyone else.

Tyres4Bikes are also usually present with tyre changing facilities, tyre stock and generally has spares for repairs should you need them throught the day. Please check on the Forum prior to the event to see if they can make it. If you need a change of tyres or think that you may need them, please don't spring it on them on the day, let them know prior to the event so that they can ensure that they will have something that will fit your bike. Details are on the forum.

Fresh-Orange Photography also make a regular appearance and will be taking photo's of you ugly lot as you enjoy yourselves on the circuit (fortunately you'll all have helmets on so you won't scare anyone). They are always happy for you to go and see what photo's they have of you. They can be found in the black OMCC tent.

R&G are also in regular attendance and have their products on sale throughout the day.

There are also porta loo's on-site although we can't always guarantee there will be enough bog paper to service your squeeky bits or to help clean up any brown trouser moments, so please feel free to bring your own.

Video cameras

If you wish to use a video camera on circuit you will have to demonstrate during the noise-test/scruitineering process that you can securely mount the camera to the bike.

This is as a result of at least 5x GoPro cameras falling off bikes at the April 2013 ARD and destroying themselves on the circuit as the (often suction-based) mounting systems are not strong enough to stop the cameras coming off at speed.

The debris from these incidents cannot always be easily collected, thus creating a higher risk of damage to aircraft engines.

If we cannot reduce the FOD from such cameras then all cameras will be banned from future ARDs.

Mounting video cameras on your person (helmet mounted, chest harnesses etc) is now banned as is the fitting of cameras to the petrol tank.

If you do lose your camera PLEASE let us know so that we can pick up the debris as soon as possible.

A sticker will be attached to your bike to indicate that you have demonstrated the mounting systems is fit for purpose to the satisfaction of the OMCC committee. Their decision is final.


There are no refuel facilities at the circuit.

There are two petrol stations within 1½ miles of RAF Odiham. The entry/exit gate will only be open until 0815 and will reopen at the lunch break (between 1230 and 1315) to allow you to go and get fuel, please remember to remove and tape covering lights, indicators, mirrors etc before you ride on the road.

We do not have the manpower to be opening and closing the gate all day so lunch time will be your opportunity to refuel.

Track Discipline

A full briefing will be given to you and the circuit is fully marshalled.

This is an ARD not a race meeting.

We have a zero tolerance factor for people who mess about and put others at risk. If you want to practice your racing overtakes please go elsewhere.

Have FUN!!

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience to be found around the paddock area