Each event starts at 1000hrs and will run until you are exhausted or 1700hrs, whichever comes soonest (during winter these times may vary to account for the loss of daylight hours). A course/track is established per event and you can complete that course as many times as you wish, open pit-lane style.

We aim to set up more than one course, typically a warm-up area, a slow-speed course and a more advanced course. This will depend on the number of participants on the day, the conditions and the general mood of our event organiser!

All courses will be ridden in a single direction (which will be briefed). Failure to do so at any point during the day will guarantee you being sent home.

Getting Here

There is a map with directions to both Bordon and Bagshot posted here. To avoid turning up at the wrong location please remember which event you booked!

You should plan your arrival time for 0915hrs. Please do not arrive any earlier, as it will present a hazard to other road users. The gate may be signposted with signs "OMCC". From the main road there is no leeway or slipway access to the site. Please do not obstruct the access way or the main road on arrival. If necessary drive around the block. There are limited numbers at these events so the usual mad rush to bag a pit box isn't in the equation. Take your time and don't annoy those who live in the immediate vicinity.

The gate to the event will close at 0940hrs sharp. Due to the fact that this is being held on a M.O.D site plus the intensity of the event, we don't have time or the patience for those who are late. We will be closing the gate behind us when we enter the site and do not have the manpower to watch and wait for stragglers. Sorry, but you have been warned.

You must leave the site by 1730hrs or before the guy with the key! Drive sensibly when leaving the site.

Signing-On & Briefing

All participants will need to sign-on and complete an Indemnity form. A mandatory safety briefing for all riders will take place at 0945hrs. You will collect a wrist-strap to prove you attended. If you miss the briefing you miss the event. Simple.

No engines may be run until after the briefing. Make sure your bike works before getting there!

During the Day

For those on the OMCC Club Bikes...

  • If you have not ridden offroad before our instructor will guide you through the basics in off-road riding including how to kick-start a bike! (Don't worry, one of them starts off a button so you can cheat a little!!). Some basic practice to assess your ability levels and away you go, to complete the assigned course/track for the day.

  • The club bikes are maintained to a high level. However if the bike has a mechanical malfunction or breakage during the day and cannot be fixed then your day is over. A full refund will be provided in the event both bikes are down.

For those bringing your own bikes...

There will be a number of sighting laps behind an event marshal, as briefed. From then on you are free to use the course as detailed on the day during the briefing. The day is yours. Crack on.


The event will be chequered flagged every hour or so and to indicate a lunch break to ensure there is some rest and recuperation happening!

Please watch out for less experienced riders on the course. Bad behavior will not be tolerated.

OMCC have a zero tolerance attitude towards lack of respect towards other riders; there is no warning - you'll be going home.

If you are interested in some instruction you can dip in-and-out of the training from our assembled instructors as you see fit. We suggest you see them at the start of the day as they will get busy during the event.

Clothing & Protection

All riders must wear the minimum protection of:

  • Back protector - or other suitable MX/Enduro armor back protection

  • Helmet - must be EC2205 or equivalent and in good condition with visor or preferably motorcycling goggles.

  • Gloves - should be lightweight and offer dexterity in the fingers, allowing you to freely use the motorcycle controls.

  • Boots - must limit lateral ankle movement.

Most textile type road jackets and trousers are fine as long as they have some armour/protection. Should your jacket/trousers have a liner ensure this can be removed, as you will get very hot. Boots MUST be motocross boots or similar full length boot supplying adequate ankle support.

Lace up boots and any boot without rigidity in the ankle area are NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Please note that the instructors will check and inspect all clothing and equipment and assess suitability. Any riders considered to be inadequately clothed or protected will be excluded from the course.

The above clothing is based on the minimum level of clothing that will accepted. OMCC do not accept any responsibility for your own clothing or fitting of such items.


The event is taking place on open military training land.

Do not expect electricity, running water, loos, a canteen, flat ground etc.

OMCC will have a generator to power the all-important kettle but that is about it. This is Off-Road/Outdoor, not some luxurious track circuit situation.

If the weather is poor you will need shelter from the elements. Bring something to sit on/in during rest breaks. You might wish to check out which local petrol stations have food/fuel/loos as required.

You are expected to take all rubbish home with you. We must leave the area in the clean state in which we will find it otherwise future events may be at risk.

You DO NOT want to be labeled with the tag of having banned the OMCC Off-Road events due to littering.

Jet Wash

New from January 2015, we will have a jet-wash facility at the events so you can give your bike a basic wash-down before the trip home. You MUST bring your own water though. A demo video of the jet-wash showed a small car being hosed down with about 8litres of water...


There are no refueling facilities at the site.

We do not have the manpower to be checking the comings and goings all day to nearest petrol station so please ensure your bike is topped up in advance and bring some spare fuel.

Refueling MUST only occur in the designated areas. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in you being sent home early without questions or debate.


All bikes will have to be scruitineered before being allowed out on the circuit. This is to ensure nothing dangerous is hanging off or liable to cause injury if you should have a spill during the day.

Common sense applies in this regard but the decision of the OMCC Off-Road team will be final.

First Aid / Emergencies

All Event organisers and marshals are First-Aid trained and can deal with most situations.

Emergency services are supplied by the NHS i.e. the ambulance service. Basically if you injure yourself we will call the paramedics.

In the event of a major incident all riding activities will be stopped until the incident is dealt with. The event organiser will determine whether the OMCC event will continue or not.

All event organisers and marshals will carry radios throughout the day and will co-ordinate any rescue mission accordingly, whether it be someone running our of fuel or talent. Please do not get involved unless expressly requested to do so by one of the co-ordinators (identified by high-viz yellow jacket).

Smokers - Beware

If you are a smoker, be careful.

You are surrounded by flammable material, including the land you walk on.

Smoking will only be permitted away from the main action and in the designated area.

ALL of your cigarette butts must be collected so as not to cause littering or an issue with fuel vapour.

If you are caught smoking anywhere outside of the designated area you will be instructed to leave the event.

Have FUN!!

There is a lot of land to play on and not many bikes getting in the way.

Get out there, relax, avoid hitting the trees and have some fun!!