Airfield Riding Days (ARD) allow club members to improve their riding skills in a closed, safe environment. It is not a race meeting nor a typical track day with lots of unknown people riding like muppets. As the name suggests, these events take place at RAF Odiham, utilising many of the dispersal areas, taxi-ways and so forth. There are a few circuit layouts at the clubs disposal, all of which guarantee a safe yet thrilling and challenging riding experience.
To get an idea of how an ARD is organised check out our ARD FAQ on what to expect during the day.

You and your bike will be put under many additional stresses to that typically experienced during normal road use. Take a look at our track based Riders Guide for advice on how to prepare for and get through the day with a smile on your face.

Riding Instruction

We are pleased to have Simon Cooney as our Chief Instructor. Along with his crew of very experienced instructors they will be on hand throughout every ARD to offer advice on circuit riding or any other aspect of safe and progressive riding.

All of the club's instructors have a wealth of road, track and off-road experience and many have raced in championships in the UK and Europe. Our calculator isn't big enough to work out how many years of experience they have between them, but honestly, they don't look that old!

Our instructors will give you areas to focus on to improve your riding, and only give them to you in bite sized chunks so that you can improve slowly over the day, rather than trying to do it all at once.

On very busy days, your instruction may have to be limited to one session to give the other riders an opportunity to be instructed, but on days where it's possible, you are welcome to whatever instruction you need.

So, if you want to improve your speed, your cornering, your braking or to just build your confidence down come and see the team. They will do their absolute best to help you.

Instruction is free of charge.



We are always looking for marshals to assist us in hosting ARD events. Marshals receive a gift for their time, are briefed in their duties and are offered lunch too! Without marshals the event cannot be held. A Forum thread for volunteer marshals will be created shortly after each the booking process goes live. If you know of anyone who can volunteer their time, please ask them to add their name and contact details to the forum thread.

The ARDs are always well attended. The committee go to great lengths to ensure each day runs smoothly. This planning will be all for nothing if it wasn't for the kind volunteers that give up their time to marshal. Without them the day simply cannot run.

OMCC marshals do not need previous experience as full training is given on the day. All that is expected of you is that you can wave the correct flag if there is an incident or when instructed to do so and if it is safe to do so, help deal with an incident. We have professional paramedics onsite and pick up wagons on hand to recover bikes and bikers. We have a very good safety record at Odiham, and most incidents tend to be break-downs. We do however ask that marshals are over the age of 18.

If all this sounds like something you would like to help us out with, then please get in touch via the forum. All Marshals will receive a gift plus a free lunch, we also supply water and chocolate bars to keep you going for the day!


Spectators are welcome although please note that the viewing area is limited and a small distance from the track. This is not a full on MotoGP circuit with grandstands on every corner! A Forum thread for will be created shortly after each the booking process goes live to which you can add spectators' names and details.

You will not be able to bring anyone along on the day or who is not on the list.

The spectators list will close approx. 7-days ahead of the event so the final attendees list can be circulated.

ACU Association

The OMCC is a registered ACU Club, a number of instructors and marshals are ACU certified ensuring a high standard of safety throughout the event.