Since June 2013 OMCC have been extending the range of activities for its club members into Off-Road events. We are opening the doors and removing the hurdles to those who wish to experience Enduro-style off-roading perhaps for the first time.

OMCC run a monthly event for club members where novices and experienced alike can participate in Enduro riding in a safe but challenging environment. We will have all the details of what to expect from an Off-Road event posted in the FAQ section.

Through association, Slab Common at Bordon was suggested as a suitable location due to the proximity to OMCC HQ, size, scope and logistics and we have battled hard for seemingly ages to secure that location for our use. Bagshot has also been recently added to the portfolio.

Club members without their own off-road bike can use one of the club's off-road bikes (up to a maximum 3x times per member).. Some club members already have their own bike but this is a limited number to the best of our knowledge. From 2015 onwards the bikes will be loaned exclusively (i.e. not shared), therefore only two people can loan them out for the day.

We will not provide clothing so you must wear suitable protective clothing. You might get very muddy!

All participants must wear a back protector or alternative Motocross/Enduro protection.

Sturdy boots that will limit lateral ankle movement are a must!






OMCC have secured a number of experienced off-road instructors who are willing to donate their time to the cause. Some you will recognise as club members, and some you won't. As experienced enduro riders and green-laners they will be a huge help to us all!


We are proposing to run club off-road events on the second Sunday of every month. Dates & locations will be published in the Calendar and participation is secured by the online payment methods through the Members section.

The dates and venues are subject to DIO approval so watch this space for any last minute changes!


A £30 will be charged per event to those with their own bike. We have to pay the MOD for the use of their land!

Entry to the Off-Road site will only be available to club members. Subscriptions to the events will be open for the whole year from the Club Members area !