How to Activate Your Forum Account

New forum members always welcome but read this section first - It contains instructions on getting your account activated!
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How to Activate Your Forum Account

Postby omccadmin » Sat Feb 19, 2011 7:42 am

Congratulations on finding the forum. Please feel free to register to start contributing to the OMCC forum.

However due to the pesky interweb hacker types we have to verify every forum registration. As such please note the following changes to previous registration procedures:

- Once you have registered your account on the forum the Forum admins will be notified. BUT we will not immediately activate your account.

- You *MUST* now send an email to from the email address you have registered. State the username you registered under. We will verify *both* the email address, username and your name. Only then will your account be approached for registration.

- If you fail to send the follow-up email within 30-days, your newly registered account will be removed.

- If you have tried to register a name that is a bunch of random characters that do not make sense we will not allow the registration and the account will be deleted.

- If you have an email address that is SPAM suspicious we will not allow your membership

For newcomers to OMCC please post a quick 'Hello' in the hello section to introduce yourself. It's only polite!

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