Winter draws on

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Winter draws on

Postby Tyres4Bikes » Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:13 am

It's getting to that time of year when you want to don your thermals and brave the ice and snow, just to get to the garden gate. Why would you want to ride a bike when it's positively Baltic out there? You wouldn't, so, the winter is the perfect time to get all those maintenance issues resolved.

This is where we come in, as we have:-

Full Suspension workshop, for repairs, servicing, upgrades and refurbishments. We're full K-Tech, Mupo, Nitron, Maxton and Ohlins dealers; which means we are able to give you the absolute best service possible at the best prices too. You can send your forks or shock to us as loose items, or you can bring us your entire bike (we'll even make you a brew when you turn up, how's that?).

Brake Centre, as Brembo main agents we're perfectly placed to provide you with an excellent quality of brake service, from brake pads to a full system upgrade. Whatever you need, just ask and we'll work out the best deal for you.

You can contact us via email to or by phone on 01775 840254 or 07923 522304.

Roll on spring, when you can try out the awesome work we've done on your bike over winter! ;) :D ;) :D

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