Click the REGISTER button below to be taken to the forum sign up page. There you can assign yourself your username and password. Once you have submitted your registration please ensure that you EMAIL OMCC Admin to confirm your registration with your Username and contact details to confirm your identity.

    Once you have confirmed your registration with us we will email you a notification of your account activation. Account registrations that have not been followed up with your confirmation email WILL NOT BE ACTIVATED.


    You will need to purchase your Membership from the OMCC Store by adding it to your cart and then head to the checkout to make your payment. Once purchased, you will then be able to enlist in club Events which include: ARD's, Off Road events and the OMCC's 2 day UK Track event held every year plus lots more. These are also purchasable in the OMCC Store area. Visit the OMCC STORE


What is the benefit to me registering online

You can pay online for all club events rather than post forms and cheques to the club. You will be able to see instantly the status of your club membership as well as registration for club events. Communications from the club can be better targeted to you, such as email notifications of membership renewals, or specific information for the event you have signed up for.

OMCC can also more easily identify paid club members from the general public. We will be able to offer substantial discounts and special offers to those club members ONLY from a number of suppliers who help make OMCC function.

Are all club events going to be processed this way?

No. There are some events the club runs which would not benefit from online registration, such as the Mopedathon, Christmas dinner and so forth. Annual members, ARDs and MSV Club-member only track days are the first to benefit from this new process. Some downloadable forms, such as those that were downloaded for renting the club track bike, will still be downloadable, but you must have signed up as a full club member to have access to the form.

I don't have a PayPal account. What other online systems are available?

At this time OMCC are only accepting PayPal. It is acknowledged as one of the Worlds most accessible and secure payment systems. OMCC do not wish to be processing credit card payments directly.

It is possible to make a payment via debit or credit card using PayPal's guest payment area which means you don't need a PayPal account immediately.

When other platforms become more widely used (as suggested by market share) we may introduce other payment systems.

Do I need a PhD in Computers to get this to work?

Hopefully not!! You'll need a PayPal account in order to pay your annual membership fees and any fees for events.

You will also need to register online with OMCC. For full club members we will need to retain details such as your billing address, which will be used for any paper-based communications following registration.

I understand this now. How do I get started??

All OMCC username/password account management is shared between the forum and the members area. As we had the forum years before the online system, the forum became the default 'master' of usernames. This is why registration on the forum is required. Also for social members it provides them with forum access without having to subscribe to club events.

As an added security measure, to access the Members Sign-in area you must type in your username exactly as you registered it, i.e. it is case-sensitive. "Useless-Spanner-Monkey" is not the same as "useless-spanner-monkey"

Can I change my forum name once registered?


I'm not very good with computers. Can I still download the traditional forms and send off cheques?


I'm still very confused and have lots of questions. Who do I contact?

Please send any questions about the website, the club members area, forum or report any problems to webmaster. Please bear in mind that there will be a delay when answering your request. If this delays or prevents you from subscribing to an OMCC event that subsequently sells out, that is outside of our control.

I've gone and forgotten my password, can you send it to me?

DO NOT contact us if you have simply forgotten your forum password. This can be reset yourself HERE!.