Before you can subscribe to an annual club membership with OMCC you must register for an online account. This can be done in advance of any subscription or purchase. Simply click on the MyAccount menu item at the top of this page.

To subscribe to an annual membership go to the SHOP and add the annual membership to your cart and then head to the checkout to make your payment. If you have a registered OMCC account already, login to complete your purchase. You can register and create your OMCC account during the purchasing option if needed.

Once an annual membership is purchased, you will then be able to enlist in all OMCC Events which include: ARD's, Off Road events and the OMCC's 2 day UK Track event held every year plus lots more.


From the OMCC Home page click on the SHED to go to the forum sign up page. There you can assign yourself your username and password. Once you have submitted your registration you will receive an automated email requesting you to confirm your identity. The email should be received almost instantaneously. You may wish to check your JUNK email, just in case!

Once you have confirmed your registration with us your forum account will be automatically activated.

We do delete unactivated accounts on a regular basis. If a few months have gone by and you have not self-activated your account we will delete it.

For newcomers to OMCC please post a quick 'Hello' in the hello section to introduce yourself. It's only polite!

Benefits of OMCC Membership...FAQs

What is the benefit to me by purchasing an annual club membership?

Quite simply you get access to all the club events, monthly club meetings, fantastic subsidised events throughout the year and you'll get to meet friendly like-minded bikers of all types. Each year we strive to get great deals from local companies to offer substantial discounts and special offers to OMCC members.

Whilst many events are published on social media by being a club member you will get the first heads up of the big events and special occasions. Communications from the club can be better targeted to you, such as email notifications of membership renewals, or specific information for the event you have signed up for.

Can I join the club but not join the forum?

Yes. The forum stands alone from all communications that go via the OMCC website. No major event will ever be advertised first on the forum or via social media.

Can I just sign-up to the forum?

Yes. If you just want to join the online fraternity then please go ahead and create an account. Perhaps there is enough chatter to encourage you to sign-up as a OMCC member and join us at an event in the future.

Are all club events processed online?

Not yet. There are some events that the club runs which would not benefit from online registration yet, such as the Mopedathon or Christmas dinner. Some downloadable forms, such as those that were downloaded for renting the club track bike, will still be downloadable, but you must have signed up as a full club member to have access to the form.

I don't have a PayPal account. What other online systems are available?

At this time OMCC are only accepting PayPal.
It is possible to make a payment via debit or credit card using PayPal's guest payment area which means you don't need a PayPal account immediately.

Do I need a PhD in Computers to get this to work?

Hopefully not!! You'll need a PayPal account in order to pay your annual membership fees and any fees for events.

I understand this now. How do I sign up?

On the above menu select STORE. Locate the OMCC Annual Club Membership item, click to add it to your cart.

Go to the cart and pay the membership fee. You will need to create an account in order to complete payment.

This account is NOT the same as any forum account you may have.

You will receive a confirmation email that your purchase has been successful and an OMCC member account created for you.

OMCC events that are available to purchase a ticket for will now be available to you.

Can I change my forum name once registered?


I'm still very confused and have lots of questions. Who do I contact?

In the first instance please contact a member of the OMCC Event Committee members or post a question on the forum.

I've gone and forgotten my password, can you send it to me?

DO NOT contact us if you have simply forgotten your OMCC membership or forum password. These can both be reset yourself.